# Partners Adress
1 Alberta People to People HIV Support Society (APPHASS) http://www.apphass.com/
2 Amhara National regional State Bureau of Education http://www.amharaeducation.gov.et/
3 PMI/USAID https://blog.usaid.gov/tag/pmi/
4 Amhara National regional State Bureau of Health http://www.moh.gov.et/amhararhb
5 UNFPA http://ethiopia.unfpa.org/
6 Bahir Dar University http://www.bdu.edu.et/
7 PSI http://www.psi.org/
8 Climate and Health Foundation http://www.hc-foundation.org/
9 Coalition Against Malaria in Ethiopia (CAME)
10 Consortium of Christian Relief Development Association (CCRDA) http://www.ccrdaeth.org/
11 Consortium of Population, Health and Environment (CPHE)
12 Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health http://www.moh.gov.et/home
13 Ethiopian Meteorology Agency http://www.ethiomet.gov.et/
15 GOLMA/Texas
16 International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) http://iri.columbia.edu/
17 Japan Embassy (JICA) http://www.jica.go.jp/english/
18 Partner in the Horn of Africa (PiHA) http://partnersinthehorn.org/
19 Amhara National regional State Bureau of Finance and Economic Development
20 Canada Embassy (CIDA) http://www.international.gc.ca/
21 Regards des Enfants d'Ethiopie (REE)
22 South Dakota State University https://epidemia.sdstate.edu/
23 Sweden Embassy (SIDA) http://www.sida.se/English/
24 Amhara National regional State Bureau of Women and children Affairs
25 UNICEF http://www.unicef.org/ethiopia/
26 WHO http://www.who.int/en/
27 fhi-360 https://www.fhi360.org/
28 PSI-Ethiopia
30 FMoH-Regional health bureau \ live offices
31 Bjorg
32 Individual supporters and volunteers
Current HDAMA members
Regular members 58
Individual associate members 10
Family members 14
Corporate 5
Membership message
I requested the anti malaria association to be a member the reason was I watched on media that HDAMA has made a history by fighting very hard for the people who were infected and loss family members, relatives and even migrate because of the rapid spread of malaria disease. Being just a member and paying membership fee and watching the association work was not just enough for me, so I volunteered to be a board member and worked for 8 years.

Am always thrilled to be the member of this association and work with all the comitted members, volunteers and employees.

HDAMA not only coordinates local area members it also coordinates foreign volunteers, volunteers from all part of the country and the government to develop a healthy and malaria free environment this well praised work leads to where the association is now. Of all the works and successes done the association’s vision helps the community by creating awareness and in identifying needs and providing support to create a healthy society with safe environment. Currently the association has a broad and crucial new projects focused on health, development, HIV/AIDS, OVC supports and anti malaria.

I hope this wondrous job they are working on could grow and meet the goal. Am proud to be part of this association and a member. I will continue to contribute whatever am expected to as a member.

Mebrate Mengeste Wedneh