HDAMA participated in many local and international meetings, trainings and workshops and earned awards and recognitions and certificate of appreciation from USAIDS for participating in the hands up for HIVPREVENTATION campaign, Tana awards for making heath awareness and volunteer for in environmental development, ANRS (The Amhara National Regional State) for the performance and contribution for the improvement of health promotion, preventation and control strategy in the region, Oromia health bureau Jimma town, for outstanding assistance in the fight against malaria in Ethiopia. And many others.

Success stories

Huge number of females, youth, civil servants, “Idir” members, agriculture extension workers, religious leaders, religious students(Yekolotemariwoch), and the like have participated in the awareness creation campaigns.

Inhabitants of 420 kebeles in 39 woredas have developed awareness through community conversation and protected from malaria epidemics.

To bring behavioral change on use of nests to prevent and control malaria a door to door awareness creation was conducted.

Thousands of bulletins, booklets, brochures and leaflets have been distributed through out the country.

Deployed 30 medical professionals at the early times of the epidemic. 180,000 individuals got medical treatment.

Disseminated a huge number of anti-malaria drugs.


We had given support to 70 adolescent female orphans of which are attending their University Degree courses and some are already graduated in Diploma & degree.

More than 8,000 commercial sex workers where educated to know their health status and to protect themselves and the general public from risky activities.

32 educative films involving local amateur film actors and made them available to be shown to the urban and rural community.

Climate and health

During the last eighteen years the HDAMA has been implementing a range of health and development projects under its core strategic areas of intervention that saved lives, protected health and improved the living conditions of hundreds thousands of the needy people.

Participated in different international meetings,trainings on ‘climate and health.’ Such as MERIT, climate matters on health and others.

Medical equipments and furniture has been provided for 5 hospitals and many other health institutions.

Built health center at Bahirdar town.


Pit latrines in nine churches and two schools were constructed. Due to the education provided on a door to door basis, about 2000 households got their own pit latrines.

36 hand dug wells, 4 spring developments were constructed in seven districts /woredas( Bure, Jabi’tenan, Dembecha, Machakel, Gozamen, Basoliben, and Awobel).

4 foot bridges in “Dembecha” and “Machakel” districts/woredas have been constructed. By now they are open to public use and become all season bridges.

Social support

For 3 consecutive years we have trained and deployed volunteer high school and university students to raise awareness level of their parents, relatives and neighbor. Besides, as a means of raising the knowledge of students on malaria, HIV/AIDS, and personal and community hygiene.

With the aim of development and health education “Idirs” have been reorganized through 34 AMA committees in 34 districts/woredas by modifying their bylaws.

literature competition have been undertaking among students in 60 High schools in creating awareness for the students and community as well.

We had also used religious and public gatherings, and “idirs” as an opportunity to reach and educate the mass.

All graduated females got job and 4 of them are by now are working with HDAMA.

HDAMA has created job opportunities. By now, it has more than 60 employees.

OVC supports

198 adolescent orphans has taken vocational training on metal works, masonry and other income generating activities by their own request. After the training they were supplied with finance, and construction and metal work machineries.

Built girls group home at Debremarkos with currently 14 girls all above grade 10 and currently building other home for additional girls group home.

More than 1162 children supported for and of which 42 are orphans and 230 orphan were organized and engaged on vegetable farming.

Supporting orphans through foster care in Addis Ababa.

Giving school materials, clothing and support to orphans.


Create awareness of leishmaniasis disease burden and means of preventaion among and built the capacity of communication office and mass media agency by providing materials that are crucial in information recording the storage for media advocacy in Amhara region.

Create awareness of guinea warm disease means of transmition and preventation on medias and through out the country.

In collaboration with Rotary Club 212 children with cleft lip and palate have been given repair surgeries.