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 The HDAMA is a unique association not only due to its engagement with local communities, and its history of strong collaboration with different governmental and non-governmental organizations but also it was initiated due to the catastrophic malaria epidemic in 1990 which makes more responsive to key societal problems. The HDAMA implements a variety of programs aimed at Supporting Orphan and Vulnerable Children, the control of diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS, Sanitation and Environmental Health and climate and health.

The HDAMA’s Orphan and Vulnerable Children/OVC/ care and support program is being carried out in two approaches. The first approach is the foster based care and support through which we are providing monthly stipend for sustenance and educational support in addition to the periodic medical and clothing services.

 The second approach is the hostel based care and support through which we provide all services including food, shelter, clothing, sanitary materials and educational support in one center. In addition to providing these services, we also hire staffs that can provide various psychosocial and life skill supports.

 The HDAMA has been rendering this service for more than 12 years in both approaches. However, the contribution is insignificant when it is compared with the magnitude of the problem. Until January 2015, 53 girls joined the group home and 20 others are on the pipeline. From the 53 who previously joined the group home in three rounds, 12 girls graduated at different levels and currently they are working in different organizations; 2 girls graduated from TVET and doing their private business; 16 girls are attending their education in different government universities; 2 girls completed grade 10 and doing their private business; 18 girls are attending their preparatory education and only 3 girls dropped out due to different factors.

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