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HDAMA has been undertaking Orphan and Vulnerable Children Care and support program through group home approach for the past 12 years. In this program a total of 73 girls are enrolled of these 16 graduated at different levels and currently working in different organizations. The rest are attending their education in different universities and secondary level. Two the most successful achievers who went through this group home approach are Ayalnesh Tilahun, who has graduated in Medicine from Hawassa


University this year and Meseret Yibeltal who has a BA in Managament. The following is Ayalnesh’s and Meseret’s statements:

 I, Ayalnesh have no word to thank all of you who supported me in different ways. HDAMA, PIHA my family and teachers. You all made me better and visionary person. Especially Mr Abere, you raised me like your daughter. You are always my model and your colleagues: Mr Estifanos , Mrs Wubegzer, Mr Mekonnen,……. 

Mr Yihalem, Mr Johns and Mr Collin, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was having a dream about this day since I joined campus. I mean my graduation day. My dream comes true today after I walked a long journey and passed through a lot of challenges to be a medical Doctor. But Without you all I wouldn’t make it. When I step down from the stage, Mr Abere gave me a Gold neckless and hug me. My heart was pumping faster. My eyes were full of tears. I was shining like a start. Mr Estifanos, you were there. I thank you a lot.

Together we can make a difference!


 I, Messeret Yibeltal second child of the family, was born in 1999 in East Gojjam Zone Bibugn Woreda from Mrs Zigiju Yehuala and Mr Yibeltal Woubetu. I had a wonderful parents love until the age of 6.

Unfortunately, I was not luck to enjoy long. It had disturbed by the sudden death of my mother due to Malaria which lead me to a very miserable life.   My step mother did not have humanitarian sense. She was obliging me to work as an adult. She did not care about my education rather about the house work. In addition to this, I lost my father after 3 years. Staying with that type of step mother could not be an easy task.

Thanks to my aunt who gave me a relief from the work load, I managed to continue my education. I then continued until grade 10. The result did not allow me to join the preparatory school and my aunt was not in a position to send me to private school.

My luck started here, with Health Development and Anti Malaria Association (HDAMA). The future has been opened for me. They selected me among other orphans to come to Debre Markos and join the girls’ home and continue to do my education. I can say that we all have been treated as rich girls. We had everything. I was living in a different way of life. We had a nice house, comfortable beds, referral books, chairs and table to study and to have our meal, etc… After three years I was graduated with diploma in purchasing and supply management. After that I worked as Kebele manager for two years in my birth Woreda.

HDAMA again helped me to come to Debre Markos to be a caregiver of one girls’ home established in partnership with a German organization named Friends Unit for Africa.   I continued my education and finished with BA in management. I am now the manager of the organization in Debre Markos, married with one child. 




My name is Ayandis Asmare. I am pharmacy technician & a student of bachelor  in pharmacy. I work with HDAMA in the health center known as Tsere Woba Luxembourg health center located at Bahir Dar. I am married and have one child.I am really proud to tell about my story. How interesting is telling my story after having passed the challenging obstacles I have faced.

 I was born in 1989   in West Gojjam Zone Burie Woreda a small town called Kuch.  I was in 5th grade when I met the first time Mr Abere Mihretie the executive director and founder of Heath Development and Anti Malaria Association (HDAMA) the then “Anti Malaria Association”. 

I remember that he came to Kuch with journalists. The director of the school came to our class and asked our teacher to let the orphans go out. We went out and met others who came from other classes. I do not know how much we were. But it was a very huge number. As I was among the shortest kids, I was in the first row. The journalist approached to me focusing the camera on me and asked me who I am and where I live.  I told my name and I said that I was living with my uncle because my father and my mother died due to malaria and started crying. Everybody was crying.

Years later, it was in 2005, I was a 9th grade night program student with my sister because we have failed in day time program due to the hardship we were facing.  Mr Abere came to meet us. I was very afraid.  He promised us that he will support us. He bought us immediately clothes and went back. We then started receiving supports every month. A year after, we have joined the HDAMA OVC support. When we finished tenth grade, Mr Abere has got me a scholarship from GAMBY medical college to continue my studies in pharmacy.  My sister has joined as well and the college fee was covered by our uncle.  But the survival and other expenses were covered by HDAMA and Mr Abere.

After having graduated, I joined HDAMA in a project on HIV/AIDS in Burie town. Then, I came to be an Employee in Tsere Woba Luxembourg.

This is thus to inform the reader that this could not happen without the intervention of Mr Abere Mihretie and HDAMA. Thanks to them that I am now a very good citizen with a happy family.  My success depended on the fatherly love and contribution of Ato Abere (I thank you him so much) and the humanitarian support of HDAMA and PIHA. I thank them a lot.

At the end thanks to god & its virgin Mary. I believe that with out the help of god & his mother the successes could not happen.

I would like to take the examples and apply it. I will serve HDAMA in all my life.

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