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In HIV/AIDS prevention and control endeavors AMA opt to adapt the national and regional strategies to its context based on best practices derived from a decade of experience. Objectives and results are summarized below.

                 Objective 1: To ensure fulfillment of minimum requirements for proper provision of HIV/AIDS related services in targeted health institutions


·         Health personnel trained on VCT, PICT, PMTCT, STI

·         Kebele level health promoters deployed

·         Health institutions capacitated


                Objective 2: To ensure awareness raising and behavioral change communication programs on HIV/AIDS in schools are run smoothly and in a well-organized manner


·         Training on School CC and peer education conducted

·         Mini media equipment provided to school clubs

·         School based literature competitions conducted


Objective 3: To create enabled, informed and self-reliant risk groups


·         Capacity building trainings provided to youth association leaders on club management/leadership

·         Different equipment provided to youth associations

·         Youth centers constructed and equipped

·         Training given to out of school youths on CC, peer education, IGA and art

·         Youth engaged in IGA provided with seed capital

·         CSWs trained on peer education and on IGA

·         CSWs engaged in IGA provided with seed capital


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