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With the financial support of USAID through PSE/E, MULU MARPs HIV prevention project is under implementation in six hot spot towns of the Amhara National Regional State of Ethiopia via Health, Development and Anti Malaria Association/HDAMA. The goal of the project is to contribute to the national target of reducing new HIV infections by 50 % via provision of a range of standard combination prevention services to MARPs and OPPs in hotspot areas. It intends to reduce high risk behaviors among KEY POPULATIONSs and their clients besides to other highly vulnerable populations including divorced and widowed women, in areas with high prevalence of HIV and within communities surrounding hot spots” where high risk sexual behavior occurs.



The six project implementation towns of HDAMA in year IV are found in West Gojjam and Awi Zones of the region. The project implementation towns are namely Adet, Bure and Dembecha in west Gojjam zone. In Awi Zone the implementation towns are Dangila, Injibara and Fendika. Fendika is a newly included town in place of Merawi in Year IV project implementation period. In all the project towns the project commencement began on October 1, 2015 for year IV.


The implementation of combination HIV prevention for year 4 project period includes evidence based peer education, community wide events organization, free distribution & promotion of condoms, HTC, STI diagnosis & treatment, referrals & linkages to RH options and other essential medical & psychosocial support services and economic strengthening. Building the capacity of local implementing partners to design & implement high quality combination HIV prevention interventions, strengthening government leadership & coordination structures and developing coordination mechanisms to sustain the project were also the main focuses of the project.

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