HDAMA is a Members Based Association

Members are the integral organizational constituents and have been backbones in all the previous works of HDAMA.  Members not only financially support operations through their membership fees; they also play a role in determining the overall direction of the organization by contributing to the decision making process. As of June 30, 2016, HDAMA was being supported by a total of 2431 individual, 8 family and 97 corporate members in that order.

The rights of all HDAMA regular members include the following


·     To vote to elect members of the Board and to be considered for election to these posts at different levels of HDAMA structure though take part in general assembly meetings directly or by representatives .

·     To receive annual activity and financial reports concerning the Society.

·     To express opinions regarding  HDAMA programs and Activities

·     To contributing of any kind  towards the realization of HDAMA mission and objectives




 Type of membership

Annual  Minimum  Fee in Birr


Regular  member



Supporters/Associate  member












Special/Distinguished   Members


One can become a member of the HDAMA by registering and paying an annual subscription fee to the local branch of HDAMA or at the Head Office. Membership fees are one of the major sources of income for the HDAMA. By becoming a member you will be making a vital contribution to the support and maintenance of the HDAMA programs and activities. 

****The title of Special/Distinguished   Member is bestowed upon those who have contributed large membership fees or donations or have rendered distinguished services, and is presented according to the value of the contribution or the type of service.






Financial donation can be expressed through the following bank account:

Bunna International Bank Sc.Co.

-       Name: HDAMA

-       A/C No: 1019523000010

For more information on how to become a member of the HDAMA please contact +251-111575383 or +251-111578043. Volunteers and members can register online database.