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Welcome to the HDAMA Volunteers Section

Volunteers have been the backbone of the Heath Development Anti Malaria Association (HDAMA) movement since the earliest campaign against the calamitous malaria epidemic in 1998/99. We strongly believe that volunteers are key resources in realizing our vision and mission. We have demonstrated this in our previous major actions through mobilizing volunteers and the community. Involving professional, university and highs school students, Iddirs and other community based structures in our intervention areas has been the source of power and strength that have enabled us to passionately execute towards changing the health and living conditions of vulnerable communities.


In playing the significant development roles, HDAMA has a long standing tradition of engaging volunteers, members and community based organizations in its intervention areas. During the last eighteen years, the Association mobilized more than 46,075 national and around 300 international volunteers. HDAMA is one of the few charity organizations in Ethiopia that promotes the concept of voluntarism and believes in the potential contribution of such actors to the development endeavors is massive.


Currently, the Association has a total of 1035 active volunteers of these 104 are volunteering as members of the governance structure at different levels.  849 volunteers are providing valuable services that have contributed in project management and implementation at district/town and kebele/school level.  Professionals including physicians, sociologist, and construction engineers, are also volunteering through the HDAMA health centre, head office and regional branch offices.

The Association also provides continuous trainings and recognizes the work and effort of its volunteers in non-monetary value. After providing service as a volunteer, volunteers who showed significant contribution are awarded a recognition certificate during conferences and annual general assembly meetings.

HDAMA believes that working with volunteers has many benefits. Besides promoting the culture of voluntarism and service delivery in a cost-effective manner; it has additional benefits of promoting community participation.

HDAMA also recognizes and values the substantial and ongoing contribution made by volunteers and voluntary groups to its health and development programs. Accordingly, HDAMA manages and supports volunteers in accordance with the acceptable standards of volunteerism principles. 


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