On going activities

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 HDAMA has on going activities focused on projects and others aimed to give solution to the organization's problems. Some of the obstacles are that the health center at Bahir Dar city needs staffing, provision of medicine and medical equipment and also construction of conference hall. Whereas the multipurpose Youth Center at Dembecha town requires finishing of library, construction of recreation center and establishing internet service. Also the multipurpose Girls and Orphans Residence at Debre Markos town needs room construction for 20 girls and support for 50 vulnerable. Therefore HDAMA has organizational Develpment (OD) activities like Fundraising, IGAs (Income Generating Activities), Membership. OD activities are aimed to solve HDAMA's hindrances for a self-sustained future.

On the other hand HDAMA has projects on Malaria (CBA project), on HIV/AIDS (MULU/MARPs project), on Climate and Health (EPIDEMIA project) and on Girls & Orphan support (ARIAU project).


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