HDAMA has a total of 62 employees: 17 at head office and 45 at regional level. The head office has 2 masters holders, 8 bachelor holders, 1 diploma holder, 1 graduated   of 12th and other are literates. In the region, 3 are master’s degree holders, 24 are first degree holders, 8 are diploma holders, 3 have certificate and 7 are literates


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My name is Melaku Getachew, I’ve been working for HDAMA for the past 4 years as PR (Public Relation) officer and presently I’m working as an OD (Organizational Development) Officer. I am one of those truly lucky individuals who genuinely loves his job, and I haven’t been quiet on the subject. In fact, I’ve already written about what makes my role so unique and such a perfect fit for me.

As I come up on my many years work experience in HDAMA. Entering the professional world has granted me so many opportunities to learn and grow. In this post, I want to document some of what I’ve extracted along the way.I learned from HDAMA about being a better man in every aspect:

  1. Take initiative.
  2. Know when to ask for permission, and when to beg for forgiveness.
  3. Know when and how to ask for help.
  4. Check, double check, and triple check emails! Both what you’ve written and who you’re sending them to.
  5. Reply all is a privilege.
  6. Know when to tune out and turn off. Time at and away from work should be respected.
  7. Set boundaries. (This can and should be interpreted a number of ways…)
  8. Don’t let your paycheck be your only barometer for success.
  9. If you want something done right, do it yourself.
  10. Coffee helps.
  11. Maintain grace under pressure.
  12. It’ll get done.
  13. Confidence is everything.
  14. Remove the emotions. Level with yourself if you find that you’re taking things at work too personally. Business is business.
  15. Strive for efficiency.
  16. Don’t muddle your professional and personal life.
  17. Working smart ≥ working hard
  18. Don’t dwell on criticism; use it to your advantage.
  19. Be honest.
  20. Use temptation bundling! Pair something you don’t want to do with something you love, like writing reports while listening to a new album from your favorite artist.
  21. Stress and anxiety are not productive.
  22. Don’t dwell on the negative; amplify the positive.
  23. Share your strengths and utilize them.
  24. Track your progress and achievements.
  25. Everyone is busy.
  26. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.
  27. Don’t complain unless you’re willing to create change.
  28. Multitask if you can do it well.