HDAMA is an Ethiopian Residents Charity Association. HDAMA as AMA (Anti Malaria Association) has occupied an office immediately after the establishment, August 17, 1998. But it was not a proper office. The main aim of the then Executive committee was to take all the collected money to the beneficiaries.We did not want to buy furniture and office equipment buying with the money we have collected, rather anti malaria drugs, publishing education materials, deploying voluntary health professionals and save living were our priorities.  


Thanks to Ato Mulugeta Ayalew who allowed us to share his garage office found in front of Semen Hotel that we have used for around eight months. Then thanks to UNICEF for its furniture, office equipment and car donation, we then moved to a rent house in Addissu Gebeya with monthly Rent Birr 800. With same rent we have moved to Total Addissu Gebeya and the third rent office was in Gedam Sefer behind our first office with Birr 2,000. We are now found in our fourth rent office with Birr 8,000 which will be Birr 10,000 as of August/2016 located in Arada Sub City, Woreda 4 Dej Haileselassie Ave B40_29 known as Chilot Adebabay.

Today, the above mentioned office is the head office. We have a regional Office in Bahir Dar, one zonal coordination office in Debre Markos and 13 Woreda offices at Andabet, Dera, Fogera, Gonji Kolela, Yilmana Desnsa, Dangila, Jawi, Banja, Burie, Dembecha, Baso Liben, Shebel Bernta and Enarj Enawga.