1.   Alberta People to People HIV Support Society (APPHASS)   

2.   Amhara National regional State Bureau of Education            

3.   PMI/USAID                                                                             

4.   Amhara National regional State Bureau of Health                 

5.   UNFPA                                                                                   

6.   Bahir Dar University                                                               

7.   PSI                                                                                         

8.   Climate and Health Foundation                                              

9.   Coalition Against Malaria in Ethiopia (CAME)

10. Consortium of Christian Relief Development Association (CCRDA)

11. Consortium of Population, Health and Environment (CPHE)

12.  Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health                                      

13.  Ethiopian Meteorology Agency                                              

14.  FOCASA  

15.  GOLMA/Texas

16.  International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI)

17.  Japan Embassy (JICA)                                                          

18.  Partner in the Horn of Africa (PiHA)                                      

19.  Amhara National regional State Bureau of Finance and Economic Development

20.  Canada Embassy (CIDA)                                                     

21.  Regards des Enfants d'Ethiopie  (REE)     

22.  South Dakota State University                                             

23.  Sweden Embassy (SIDA)                                                     

24.  Amhara National regional State Bureau of Women and children Affairs

25.  UNICEF                                                                               

26.  WHO                                                                                   

27.  fhi-360