A New Project on the Go!

Towards realizing its vision “seeing a healthy society with sufficient livelihood opportunities and safer environment” and aligned with the strategic objective 2:5, “Improving environmental and community health and wellbeing”, HDAMA begins implementation of a new project that aims at Trans fatty acid elimination form food supply in Ethiopia. Artificial trans-fat is a toxic chemical that increases the risk of heart attack and death. Globally, the intake is estimated to cause 540,000 deaths every year. Yet, artificial trans-fat can be eliminated. Experience from food manufacturers shows artificial trans-fat can be eliminated (it may take 2-3 years for certain foods) and replaced with healthier alternatives without altering the taste or increasing cost. To this end, HDAMA in partnership CTFK and other local stakeholders designed and begin execution of a project to create and raise public awareness towards sustained reduction and elimination of Industrially Produced Trans Fat from Food Supply in Ethiopia. Activities centring on communication and media campaign will be accomplished to meet project objectives.