Private and Public Medias Committed to Advocate for Tobacco Control Measures in Ethiopia!!!

HDAMA jointly with Ethiopian Food, Medicine and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority (EFMHACA) and Matewos Wondu YeEthiopia Cancer Society (MWECS) conducted a sensitization and partnership building workshop on the importance of adopting the WHO Frame work of Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) compliant proclamation with participates from public and private media with a total of 70 participants on February 7, 2018 at Friendship International Hotel, Addis Ababa. Ministry of Communication, Ethiopian Press Agency, Addis Ababa Communication Bureau public and private Medias (Print and Electronic) have attended and actively participated in the workshops. This workshop highlighted the extent of tobacco harm, legislative gaps in existing Tobacco control laws in Ethiopia, current feature of Ethiopian tobacco control activities and challenges, Tobacco Industries interference tactics and role of the media in tobacco control and strategies for the society to ensure media engagement and follow up. The major participants include TV (EBC, ATV, FBC, JTV, WALTA, ENA, NAHOO TV, ADISS TV, and LTV) and Radio (FANA, ETHIO FM, ABAY FM, and AHADU FM) stations gave a media coverage for the workshop and delivered raised points to the public through their media outlets. Health Development and Anti Malaria Association (HDAMA) in partnership with Campaign for Tobacco Free Kid (CTFK) is implementing a project entitled “Communications and media campaign to intensify support for the adoption of the proclamation with Tobacco Control measures in Ethiopia’’ since December 15 , 2017.