Month: November 2020

US Aid Ethiopia

In GonjiKolela woreda the number of malaria cases and deaths was among the peak as reports from health institutions indicated. It was common to see students missing class and household members on bed for many working days due to malaria that in turn exacerbated the poor livelihood situations. The problem was so severe to pregnant …

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ጌታነህ ኣንተነህ ካሳ አባል ኣመሰግናለሁ፣ ጤልፀወማ! ይመስለኛል፣ ሁሉም ሰው 50፣ 55 ኣመት ሲሞላው፣ ነቃ ያለው ደግሞ ከዚያም ቀደም ብሎ፣ ነፍስን ለማቆየት፣ ኣለፍ ቢልም ቤተሰብ መስርቶ በትምርት የገፉና ራሳቸውን ሊያወጡ የሚችሉ (ቢቻል በመልካም ስነ ምግባርም የታነፁ) ልጆች ኣድርሶ “እሩጫዬን ጨርሻለሁ” ወደሚባልበት የእድሜ ክክል ሲደረስ፣ “ወደሁዋላ ዙራችሁ እዩ! እዩ!” የሚል ነገር ይመጣል፡፡ የፊተኛው እያጠረ፣ የሁዋለኛው እየረዘመ ሲሄድ …

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US Aid Ethiopia

I am Tirngo Abegaz from Guay kebele chiwuye locality. I am  a leader for  health development army (1:30)  network. We are living in the same cluster with the development corridor which is high malaria prone district. There is no other disease which is a burden to the community in our district unlike malaria. It is …

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Mr. Dagnachew Mehari, Chairperson of Board of Directors

MR.DAGNACHEW MEHARI, CHAIRPERSON OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS Health development and Anti-Malaria Association (HDAMA) was born in 1992 by one icon Ethiopian, Honorable Dr, Abere Mihertie whose heart was broken by what had happened in Gojjam in same year where the outbreak of malaria killed number of lives. HDAMA since its establishment has been doing remarkable …

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ovc This is one of the health Development and Anti Malaria Association program. It comprises two main Activities: Orphan children support in fostering program and adolescent girls support program in an organized center for boarding.

Workshop on Tobacco

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Ethiopia is unacceptably a poor country with over one hundred twenty million inhabitants. The industrialization is very far to be satisfactory. The unemployment rate very high. So, there is a need to feel the gaps as much as possible. Any small contribution plays a vital role.


tfa The Health, Development and Anti Malaria Association a project known as “PUBLIC AWARENESS and EDUCATION CAMPAIGN to BUILD UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORT the ELIMINATION of TRANS-FAT from the FOOD SUPPLY IN ETHIOPIAN”. Activities among other are Conduct political mapping of key stakeholders including  opposition to gain a better understanding of the industry and key players …

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