November 2020


ጌታነህ ኣንተነህ ካሳ አባል ኣመሰግናለሁ፣ ጤልፀወማ! ይመስለኛል፣ ሁሉም ሰው 50፣ 55 ኣመት ሲሞላው፣ ነቃ ያለው ደግሞ ከዚያም ቀደም ብሎ፣ ነፍስን ለማቆየት፣ ኣለፍ ቢልም ቤተሰብ መስርቶ በትምርት የገፉና ራሳቸውን ሊያወጡ የሚችሉ …

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ovc This is one of the health Development and Anti Malaria Association program. It comprises two main Activities: Orphan children support in fostering program and adolescent girls support program in …

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Ethiopia is unacceptably a poor country with over one hundred twenty million inhabitants. The industrialization is very far to be satisfactory. The unemployment rate very high. So, there is a …

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tfa The Health, Development and Anti Malaria Association a project known as “PUBLIC AWARENESS and EDUCATION CAMPAIGN to BUILD UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORT the ELIMINATION of TRANS-FAT from the FOOD SUPPLY …

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