Month: November 2020


HDAMA Activities and Achievements on RH and HIV/AIDS  Since its establishment HDAMA has been accomplished a number of activities related to HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health. In the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS many activities have been done so far. major ones are:- Prevention and Control 24 round community conversation has been conducted  in 34 woredas …

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What is Malaria?
Malaria is a disease caused by a plasmodium parasite, transmitted by the bite of infected Anopheles mosquitoes. Is malaria a killer disease?
Yes, but it should not be. It is a curable disease. It is is a killer disease if the patient could not go immediately the symptoms are manifested.
What should a tourist do when he travels to malicious area? A tourist travelling to malicious areas is advised to take protective drugs before, during and after
their trip. The drugs should be ordered by the physicians.