Month: December 2020

foster program

FOSTER PROGRAM Orphan Support With the Support of HDAMA, hundreds of orphans are attending their education and few have gone through. Also it has provided shelter, clothing and food. 198 adolescent orphans have taken vocational training on metal work, masonry and other income generating activities. After the training they were supplied with finance and construction …

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merit initative Meningitis Environmental Risk Information Technologies ‘(MERIT)’ Initiative (An initiative HDAMA has actively participated as steering committee member) The MERIT project has engaged experts in the health-climate field, researchers and public healthpractitioners, to undertake operational research and explore opportunities to strengthen the publichealth strategy and reduce the burden of meningitis epidemics in Africa.Activities within …

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bridge construction

Bridge Construction Due to flooding of rivers many of the countryside community in Dembecha, D/Elias and Machakel Woredas were in huge problem, patients were dying untreated, pregnant women could not get care from the health facilities, students and families who went for shopping were forced to stay days away from their family. Thus Community representative …

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leishmaniasis HDAMA ON LEISHMANIASISLeishmaniasis is endemic in the arid south‐west and the Humera & Metema lowlands in thenorth‐west and Libo Kemkem & Fogera districts of Amhara regional state since the 2005outbreak in Ethiopia. CL is confined mainly to the highlands, although occasional cases haveoccurred in the Omo Valley, and transmission is currently thought to be …

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guinea worm

guinea worm HDAMA ON GUNEA WORKAs part of its continued commitment, HDAMA has entered into agreement with WHO to deepen theeradication efforts in collaboration with SNNPR and Gambella Regional Health Bureaus toimplement a project entitled "Contributing in the Eradication Initiative of Guinea Wormthrough Integrated Community Mobilization and Capacity Building” starting from July 25,2012 for a …

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Ankesha Guagusa week 49

Ankesha Guagusa Woreda Ankasha Guagusa is one of the woredas in the province of Amhara in Ethiopia. The woreda is named after the former Agew confederation, which James Bruce described as being created by Dengui, Sakala, Dengila and Geesh. A triangle-shaped district in the Agew Awi region, Ankasha Guagusa is bordered to the south by …

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Tobacco Control ….Ethiopia is being a target for tobacco companies seeking new markets for products that are both addictive and deadly. Action has been needed to ensure that tobacco use rates decline. Data from the Global Burden of Disease Study shows that 52 % of the total mortality was due to NCDs in 2016 in …

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አብጠው ከበደ

አብጠው ከበደ ከሸበል በረንታ ወረዳ – አባል በሃገራችን ለ2ኛ ግዜ የተከሰተውን የወባ ወረርሽኝ በተለይም በአማራ ክልል  ከ1990-1995 ዓ.ም በተከሰተው ከፍተኛ ወረርሽኝ ምክንያት በአዲስ አበባ ከተማ የሚኖሩ የህዝብ ባለውለታ የሆኑት የክልላችን ተወላጆች በአንዲት የግል ጋራዥ ውስጥ በነሃሴ 7 ቀን 1990 ዓ.ም የተመሰረተው አገር በቀል ማህበር ከተቋቋመበት ግዜና ወቅት ጀምሮ ለወገን ደራሽ ወገን ነው በጋራ ለውጥ እናምጣ …

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