girls support program

Girls support program The hostel program is a wonderful intervention that enabled orphan and vulnerable girls to pursue their education. The project has brought different benefit to the community. The project gives shelter, clothing education, food for the needy community members. it also save vulnerable young women from risky decisions like commercial sex work. it …

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foster program

FOSTER PROGRAM Orphan Support With the Support of HDAMA, hundreds of orphans are attending their education and few have gone through. Also it has provided shelter, clothing and food. 198 adolescent orphans have taken vocational training on metal work, masonry and other income generating activities. After the training they were supplied with finance and construction …

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merit initative Meningitis Environmental Risk Information Technologies ‘(MERIT)’ Initiative (An initiative HDAMA has actively participated as steering committee member) The MERIT project has engaged experts in the health-climate field, researchers and public healthpractitioners, to undertake operational research and explore opportunities to strengthen the publichealth strategy and reduce the burden of meningitis epidemics in Africa.Activities within …

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What is Malaria?
Malaria is a disease caused by a plasmodium parasite, transmitted by the bite of infected Anopheles mosquitoes. Is malaria a killer disease?
Yes, but it should not be. It is a curable disease. It is is a killer disease if the patient could not go immediately the symptoms are manifested.
What should a tourist do when he travels to malicious area? A tourist travelling to malicious areas is advised to take protective drugs before, during and after
their trip. The drugs should be ordered by the physicians.