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Tobacco Control ….Ethiopia is being a target for tobacco companies seeking new markets for products that are both addictive and deadly. Action has been needed to ensure that tobacco use rates decline. Data from the Global Burden of Disease Study shows that 52 % of the total mortality was due to NCDs in 2016 in …

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ovc This is one of the health Development and Anti Malaria Association program. It comprises two main Activities: Orphan children support in fostering program and adolescent girls support program in an organized center for boarding.


Ethiopia is unacceptably a poor country with over one hundred twenty million inhabitants. The industrialization is very far to be satisfactory. The unemployment rate very high. So, there is a need to feel the gaps as much as possible. Any small contribution plays a vital role.


tfa The Health, Development and Anti Malaria Association a project known as “PUBLIC AWARENESS and EDUCATION CAMPAIGN to BUILD UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORT the ELIMINATION of TRANS-FAT from the FOOD SUPPLY IN ETHIOPIAN”. Activities among other are Conduct political mapping of key stakeholders including  opposition to gain a better understanding of the industry and key players …

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HDAMA Activities and Achievements on RH and HIV/AIDS  Since its establishment HDAMA has been accomplished a number of activities related to HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health. In the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS many activities have been done so far. major ones are:- Prevention and Control 24 round community conversation has been conducted  in 34 woredas …

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What is Malaria?
Malaria is a disease caused by a plasmodium parasite, transmitted by the bite of infected Anopheles mosquitoes. Is malaria a killer disease?
Yes, but it should not be. It is a curable disease. It is is a killer disease if the patient could not go immediately the symptoms are manifested.
What should a tourist do when he travels to malicious area? A tourist travelling to malicious areas is advised to take protective drugs before, during and after
their trip. The drugs should be ordered by the physicians.