The information exchange and the level of climate information usage for health programs were not encouraging in our country. To fill this gap, HDAMA has initiated “Climate and Health Working Group” under the chairmanship of FMoH, Vice Chair National and national organization as members.

Even though it is a recently established working group, we have accomplished many important tasks. Some of them are:

  • “Climate Matters in Health” Workshop
  • “Science Technical Meeting”
  • MERIT workshop
  • Establishment of MERIT-Ethiopia Case Study
  • General assembly of CHWG,
  • Google Earth/Maps Training,
  • Training of Professionals on Climate and Health, Nov. 30-Dec.5, 2009
  • Financial and technical support of post graduate students at jimma University who were working their researches on climate and health.
  • Stakeholders workshop on Weather and Climate impact on community Health and public Health Services
  • Hosting second & fourth MERIT meeting
  • Climate and Health Seminar
  • Climate and Malaria Training