guinea worm

As part of its continued commitment, HDAMA has entered into agreement with WHO to deepen the
eradication efforts in collaboration with SNNPR and Gambella Regional Health Bureaus to
implement a project entitled "Contributing in the Eradication Initiative of Guinea Worm
through Integrated Community Mobilization and Capacity Building” starting from July 25,
2012 for a total duration of six months. According to the agreed plan, advocacy workshop is one
of the main activities which was planned to be implemented. The workshop is intended to create
awareness on pertinent stakeholders and channel the knowledge to the general community on
Guinea Worm disease. The advocacy workshop organized entitled with “Promoting the
Involvement of Decision Makers and Other Pertinent Stakeholders on the Eradication
Initiative of Guinea Worm” for zonal and district officials in South Omo and Benchi Maji Zones
as well as in Gambella region has demonstrated joint efforts to attentively keep the momentum of
interventions towards the goal of eradication.
The objectives of the workshop were:

1  To refresh, educate and update local political leaders and officials on the GWD
Eradication initiatives, status of progress, challenges and issues that seek due attention;

2 To empower and involve government officials and other stake holders in the eradication
of Guinea Worm

3 To agree on the strengthening of eradication efforts, identifying hindrances and
bottlenecks and establishing mechanisms of coordination;

4 To motivate and engage the mass media to initiate and sustain media promotion to raise
public awareness of the GW Eradication efforts, advance positive behaviors and advocate
for renewed support and commitment among leaders.