HDAMA Activities and Achievements on RH and HIV/AIDS

 Since its establishment HDAMA has been accomplished a number of activities related to HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health.

In the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS many activities have been done so far. major ones are:-

Prevention and Control

  1. 24 round community conversation has been conducted  in 34 woredas and benefited more than 11,900 people.
  2. 14 local films were produced and staged in 88 sites and accessed 26,4000 people.
  3. Regular youth dialogue programs have been conducted and in the youth center and reached 3080 youth.
  4. 450 coffee ceremonies among CSWs were conducted and  directly 7620 CSWs were participated.
  5. 24 round house to house teaching on PMTCT has been conducted in three woredas.
  6. 2138 IEC materials which is focused on RH has been distributed.
  7. 37,216 people have got knowledge on HIV/AIDS and RH through local drama and literature.

Care and Support for vulnerable groups and Income generating Activities

Care and Support for Vulnerable groups and IGA Support

1. 916 orphaned children are supported through fostering program

Orphans under support
OVC Urban Garden Program Micro Garden in School
OVC Urban Garden Program Micro Garden in School

2. 824 OVCs have got food support

3. Above 1000 OVCs have got educational support

4. 49 orphan adolescent girls have got support through Hostel program

5. 20 youth are supported through urban gardening program

Youth Urban Garden Program

6. 20 youth supported through sheep fattening program

7. 20 youth supported through youth center

Youth Center Management Training

8. 210 CSWs have got IGA support

Referral Linkage

  • 845 people referred to TB and STI screening 



1. Youth friendly center has been constructed at Dembecha town

2. Educational room has been built for orphan adolescent girls

Girls Educational Room @ DebreMarkos

3. Library has been constructed at Dembecha

Youth Center and Library Construction@ Demebecha

4. Girls center has been constructed at Dangilla