The devastating Malaria epidemic that broke out in 1998 and caused the unaccounted for death of many thousands of people (I say this because it looked like a deliberate indifference of the government) made the French Language teacher that I am a member of the Malaria Prevention and Control Program team. It then transformed me, and kept me until today, into the Executive Director of the Health Development & Anti Malaria Association (HDAMA). Without any prior professional experience, I took the initiative to find a solution to the epidemic; and I was lucky: the contribution of the people from all walks of life helped the actors (the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee) quickly curb it. My three years of voluntary service showed me how ignorant I was of the dire need our rural communities had of guidance on how to address their problems. My contribution was very small, but it had a very significant effect, and was highly recognized. If many such little efforts were to be made, combined and well coordinated, the problems of our people could be easily solved. That is why HDAMA’s Moto is “Together, we can make a difference!” My message is the following: “In a country like ours, voluntary work free of political affiliations can contribute more to community wellbeing than any movement led by individual politicians; because, in the former there is no danger; there is no hatred; there is no disparity. There is only positive thinking, love and satisfaction.” If you are already at it, you understand my message; if not, just give it a shot!


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