Leishmaniasis is endemic in the arid south‐west and the Humera & Metema lowlands in the
north‐west and Libo Kemkem & Fogera districts of Amhara regional state since the 2005
outbreak in Ethiopia. CL is confined mainly to the highlands, although occasional cases have
occurred in the Omo Valley, and transmission is currently thought to be zoonotic. However,
recently both VL and CL cases are found around Degadamot districts of the Amhara Region.
Some of the challenges identified in the prevention and control of Leishmaniasis so far are:-

1 Awareness of the disease transmission and prevention among the general public is low and
migrants arriving to those endemic due to economic motivation are mostly uninformed
about the disease transmission and therefore don’t take informed decision making ;

2 Communication and advocacy efforts to increase Knowledge of the diseases and prevention
among owners of large scale farming business in areas where the disease is endemic need to
be strengthened on top of the encouraging efforts being made by WHO and Regional

3 Political commitment to allocate budget for the prevention of the disease and mobilize
owners of large scale farming business in support of migrants with prevention packages
(IEC materials, Bed nets, etc.) need sustained advocacy and innovative approach to rally
decision makers in support of the program.