I found that HDAMA is very committed and vibrant Association with hardworking staff

Alemseged Felleke  

Finance Manager

         Finance is a key component for the success of any organization so as the Financial manager is responsible for the financial health of an organization. As a Finance Manager, I have been working here in the Health, Development and Anti- Malaria Association (HDAMA) for the last six months. Honestly speaking, I found that HDAMA is very committed and vibrant Association with hardworking staff. It is also an Association that has been dedicated itself to eliminate the impact of malaria from our community by implementing Social and Behavioural Change and Communication (SBCC) though the involvement of local communities, empowering the vulnerable groups to exercise sexual reproductive health, rights and also delivering humanitarian support. It is to be understood that a Finance Manager increasingly assist executives in making decisions that affect the organization, a task for which they need to produce financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop strategies and plans for the long-term goals of the organization. In my position, I strongly believe that efficiency and effectiveness of utilizing the scare financial resource is a key for the achievement of our goal. Because of that I have been here with enthusiasm to contribute my skill and knowledge for the success of HDAMA’s goal.  If you are interested to join with us and to contribute whatever resource you have, HDAMA is your right choice.  If you need any information about us, I would like to advise you to visit our official website. 

Thank you,

Alemseged Felleke                             

Finance Manager, 

Health, Development and Anti-Malaria Association, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Cell Phone: +251-911 61 35 84   Email:  alemsegedfb@gmail.com