Health development and Anti-Malaria Association (HDAMA) was born in 1992 by one icon Ethiopian, Honorable Dr, Abere Mihertie whose heart was broken by what had happened in Gojjam in same year where the outbreak of malaria killed number of lives.

HDAMA since its establishment has been doing remarkable and unbelievable achievements not only curbing malaria as a pandemic but also winning he then government’s skew perception about the Association.

Facing and winning all the challenges, HDAMA is remaining to be the patronage of all the destitute in multi-dimensional perspective and this Association is real symbol of success for local non-government institutions which are born from the people and stands for the people.

However, success cannot be assured without the full involvement of the people itself. Therefore, HDAMA to be successful as it has when before, the all round assistance and participation of philanthropists and benevolent individuals and organizations is paramount importance.

I wish all round success for HDAMA in its path to save the poor’s.

“Together, we can make a difference!”