The Health, Development and Anti Malaria Association a project known as “PUBLIC AWARENESS and EDUCATION CAMPAIGN to BUILD UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORT the ELIMINATION of TRANS-FAT from the FOOD SUPPLY IN ETHIOPIAN”.

Activities among other are

  1. Conduct political mapping of key stakeholders including  opposition to gain a better understanding of the industry and key players
  2. Reviewing education materials on trans-fat, develop, print and distribute (Broucher & poster)
  3. Directly engage relevant government offices, policymakers and other stakeholders.
  4. Organizing workshop with participants from relevant government offices and
    policymakers on the need to eliminate trans-fat from the food supply in Ethio
  5. Mapping of the media landscape to identify most impactful media coverage.
  6. Developing key message, printing factsheets and talking points for the media
  7. Organizing training to selected journalists from the public, private & social media.
  8. TV spot production
  9. TV spot broadcasting