I am Tirngo Abegaz from Guay kebele chiwuye locality. I am  a leader for  health development army (1:30)  network. We are living in the same cluster with the development corridor which is high malaria prone district. There is no other disease which is a burden to the community in our district unlike malaria. It is common for all of us to move to the Abay Gorge for investment during the major production seasons and consequently  we are vulnerable for malaria through out the year.


Via the social worker and health extenssion worker we got  training on malaria prevention and control interventions and strategies.  And also through the house to house visit and awareness rising program the HEWs and CSW has also support us to excersis what we trainned before on the intervention.

Following the training and supervision made, we undertake each malaria prevention and control activities via discussing and evaluating in our system called HAD network. Through our 1 to 30 and 1 to 5 networks, each activities like; environmental management and control, ITN utilization , referral of malaria case exempted patients to health facilities within 24 hours etc. has been implementing. Beside the discussion we made frequently with our schedules, we also made evaluation and experience sharing on activities implemented and on how remaining activities need to be implemented. The important thing we also used as an intervention was we have   a map on which displays  potential mosquito breeding sites ,  an ITN utilization gap observed by HH in the network,  high vulnerable groups for  malaria found like pregnant, children under 5 and migrant workers.


All her members properly and consistently used their bed net. All her members manage in program those temporary and permanent breeding sites

No one in her network misuse ITN They contribute for the overall malaria case reduction in the Kebele.