• Project Name:


  • Focus Area :

    Social Behavioral Change health-seeking behaviors and practice on malaria prevention and control

  • Intervention Area :

    East, Gojjam, , West Gojam, and Awo Zone

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HDAMA implemented this project to reduce the malaria burden in Amhara Amhara Regional State of Ethiopia since October 2013 in partnership with USAID/PMI. The project was implemented in selected 6 districts 141 kebeles and 220 schools We have contributed to reduced malaria morbidity in ANRS through Improved knowledge and health practices at the household and community level in targeted districts and improved system for malaria SBCC activities and messaging at all levels through capacitating schools, community awareness creation leveraging existing best practices, local resources, schools, engaging primary school students in peer to peer education, religious institutions, etc. to enhance the impact and sustainability of the existing malaria communication efforts by advancing the community’s appropriate knowledge and healthy behavioral practices. This community-based intervention package disseminates key messages on malaria prevention and management through national and community radio broadcasts, install billboards at public places print, and distribute IEC/BCC materials, posters, pocket-sized information books, stickers, and flyers. Local trumpeters, mobile vans, and community dialogues. Through targeted, multi-level social and behavior change approaches, to households on the importance of IRS and encourage them to use LLINs correctly and consistently, seek healthcare early on and adhere to treatments, and identify and manage malaria breeding sites. And identify and manage malaria breeding sites.


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