• Project Name:

    Unhealthy Food Control Law

  • Focus Area :

    Awareness Raising to Control Unhealthy Food in Ethiopia through Effective Media Communication and Outreach in Ethiopia Project.

  • Intervention Area :

    National Level

  • Partner :

    Global Health Advocacy Incubator

This project is a media advocacy project that aims to create awareness and galvanize support for the timely adoption of the public health bill on unhealthy food control in Ethiopia through an intensive media advocacy campaign. The project also engaged in stakeholders’ capacity-building, and advocacy campaigns targeting policymakers and the general public in Ethiopia to ensure greater awareness of the harms of unhealthy food and the importance of having a proclamation with relevant measures. It also generated the evidence necessary for action that includes, industry monitoring, best practices documentation, and sharing. In sum, this media advocacy project contributed to promoting public health by tackling the health and economic burden of NCD in Ethiopia by advocating for the unhealthy diet control proclamation adoption. Because there is a strong link between unhealthy diets and an increasing prevalence of NCDs in Ethiopia. Given the speed at which diets are transforming, global, regional, and country-specific policies are urgently needed to avert the negative and costly consequences for healthcare systems and societal wellbeing. Regulation of unhealthy diets actively leads to a reduction of the burden of NCDs.


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