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We have worked in close cooperation with the Health, Development, and Anti-Malaria Association and had success stories. We want to congratulate HDAMA, in the name of the leaders of our Society, its Staff Members, the cancer patients, and their families, on the celebration of the 25th Jubilee of its Anniversary, and express our pleasure thereof. We are fully confident that in the future too we will work hand in hand to assist our people to fight non-transmissible diseases and will thus contribute to making our country a better place to live and work.

Wondu Bekele Executive Director

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In 2004, Ato Tsehay Mulualem, the Chairman of the Wereda Committee of Anti- Malaria Association (now Health and Anti-Malaria Association (HDAMA) - I mention his name wherever I go because I am indebted to him for life – came to me and said: “AMA is selecting orphan girls to take them in a hostel and provide them with full support so that they can complete their education; I suggest that you come and register.” I could not believe my ears. Leaving my hometown, my brother, My grandmother was not easy for me; nevertheless, though with some remorse, I immediately went and registered. Registering required various criteria including outstanding academic results and good conduct. I was very anxious about the possibility of not being selected because there were many to apply. I was finally selected, and what a relief! I ran, panting, to announce the good news to my brother and my grandmother. I was the only one from Debre Elias; there were nine other girls from other villages. We were taken to a house called Debre Marcos Girls’ Hostel on October 24, 2004, to Debre Marcos.

Wubegzar Alemayehu

Staff (Cashier at HDAMA)
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2003 was the year when the government declared a national malaria outbreak, and in this connection, a lot of people were highly affected in the Amhara region, including close family members of Hon Dr. Abere, where many died from the toll of malaria. At the time I met him, my attention was more on HIV/AIDS-related problems during that specific period. I recall that when he came to my office, he was stricken with the agony of the impact of the malaria upsurge, and he was shouting and seeking immediate support to curb the prevailing grim situation. I dare to say that Hon Dr. Abere won my concern to at least hear and feel his pain about malaria. Though I am a senior public health professional, I was completely immersed in the battle against HIV/AIDS and had no clue about malaria and its consequences, as a result, I did not share Hon Dr. Abere’s grievances and responded immediately.

Dr.Agonafer Tekalegn

Country Director, Malaria Consortium
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“... This Association is an excellent demonstrator of the fact that if we are determined to do something in good faith, we can only triumph; if we are determined to succeed in our lofty ideals, and if we do that with a positive spirit, there is no hill that we can’t climb, no mountain that we can’t move...”

Prof. Yilikal Adamu

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Those who made it in life thanks to the support of the Association are duty-bound to “pass the Relay baton on” In other words, they should recall the past and do unto other needy people what HDAMA did unto them.

Getaneh Anteneh

Translator (Teacher on retirement)
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I happen to be the one to coin the name Anti-Malaria Association. Today, I am proud to see it grow strong and fight other societal problems beyond malaria.

Dr. Ayana Yeneabat


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