Dec 08 2023

Training to health professionals in industrial parks and health service providers.

Health, Development, and Anti-Malaria Association Psycho-social support and psychological first aid training are being provided for 25 (twenty-five) health professionals from Bahardar, Kombolcha, and Debreberhan Industrial Parks and surrounding community health service providers at the Red Cross Training Center
The training is being conducted for five consecutive days from October 16-20, 2023 aimed to fill the gaps in knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the professionals who provide health services in the industrial parks and the surrounding communities so that they can provide services integrated with their work and expected to benefit primary targets of the project female workers in the parks, who are stressed due to the workload.
In collaboration with UNFPA, the female workers of the parks, who are the targets of the gender-based violence and sexual reproductive health prevention and control project being implemented in Bahrdar, Kombolcha, and Debreberhan Industrial Parks,
In collaboration with UNFPA, HDAM is implementing a project entitled “Gender-based Violence and sexual reproductive health prevention and Management” targeted at Industrial parks female workers.



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