Mar 13 2024

HDAMA’s Last-Mile Delivery Initiative Brings Medicines to North, West, and East Gojjam Zones!


HDAMA, in collaboration with local healthcare partners, has successfully launched a timely delivery of essential medicines to communities in the West, North, and East Gojjam zones.

As recent official reports revealed, the ongoing clashes in the Amhara region have resulted in detrimental consequences, particularly in the healthcare sector. Vital medical supplies and commodities delivery from the central hubs to health facilities have become hardly possible for access from the regional capital Bahir Dar to districts and health facilities is limited. Government-owned trucks are targeted by armed forces and the absence of humanitarian access restricted international humanitarian organizations from intervening in the conflict-affected zones. Consequently, health posts, health centers, and hospitals outside the regional capital are out of stock and critically challenged in providing basic health services. This in turn aggravated the malaria burden and other public health problems in the region. Fighting in the Amhara regional state, therefore, has left people in urgent need of lifesaving healthcare services.

Based on this, with a mission to enhance healthcare accessibility, HDAMA’s dedicated team has been working tirelessly to address the last-mile delivery challenges faced by remote areas. By leveraging advanced technology and a strong logistical framework, HDAMA has made significant strides in bridging the healthcare gap.

Through this initiative, HDAMA has collected a vast collection of pictures capturing the spirit and impact of this intervention. These images vividly portray the journey of medicines from central warehouses to local health centers, displaying the commitment and dedication of the teams involved. 📸

The project has garnered immense appreciation from healthcare professionals, community leaders, and beneficiaries alike. By ensuring the prompt and secure delivery of life-saving medications, HDAMA is playing a pivotal role in improving healthcare outcomes and saving lives. 💙💉

In the second round, HDAMA has allocated an impressive sum of over 436,000 ETB to facilitate the transportation of vaccines, antimalarial commodities, and other essential pharmaceutical supplies to 97 health facilities across the region!

This significant investment reaffirms HDAMA’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the availability of vital healthcare resources in even the most remote areas. By addressing logistical challenges head-on, HDAMA continues to bridge the healthcare gap and enhance the well-being of communities.

With this, latest round of funding, HDAMA’s cumulative allocation and utilization for the first, second, and third rounds of the last-mile delivery program have reached an impressive 787,170 ETB. These funds have been strategically utilized to strengthen the supply chain, optimize transportation networks, and bolster the overall efficiency of the delivery process.

This noble effort is a testament to HDAMA’s unwavering commitment to serving communities across Ethiopia, especially those in hard-to-reach areas. By overcoming logistical challenges and embracing innovation, they are revolutionizing the healthcare landscape and bringing hope to thousands.

Stay tuned as we share more inspiring stories and updates from HDAMA’s last-mile delivery project. Together, we can create a healthier and more connected world! 💚🌐


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